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Peter Adam

Peter Adam is vicar emeritus at St. Jude's Carlton, formerly principal of Ridley College Melbourne, and vicar of St. Jude's. His publications include Speaking God's Words: A Practical Theology of Preaching, Hearing God's Words: Exploring Biblical Spirituality, Written for Us: Receiving God's Words in the Bible, The Message of Malachi, The Majestic Son: The Letter to the Hebrews, and Walking in God's Words: Ezra and Nehemiah. He speaks at training conferences for preachers. Peter Adam is a founding member of the Council and the Executive Committee of The Gospel Coalition Australia.

Tim Adeney

Tim Adeney is married to Ally and they have four daughters aged between 10 and 18. They live in Sydney’s Inner West and belong to an Anglican Church there. Tim currently works for Youthworks. He has a BA from UNSW and a BTh from Moore College.


The author of this article has asked that her name be withheld.

TGC Australia

Mark Baddeley

Mark Baddeley lectures Doctrine at Queensland Theological College in Brisbane. He is married to Jennie and they have two children. He also serves as an elder at Redlands Presbyterian church. Mark is undertaking doctoral work on Athanasius and his view of the atonement. His other research interests include: the doctrines of grace, the Trinity, patristics, and Calvin’s theology. In his spare time, Mark enjoys gardening, board games, reading, obscure TV shows and exploring the possibilities of his BBQ.

Jennie Baddeley

Jennie Baddeley is married to Mark and cares for their two children. She works part time at Redlands Presbyterian church and is involved in various writing and other projects. She loves being involved in children’s ministry and ministry to women and finds spare time to be her rarest commodity once taking care of a young family is undertaken. On those occasions, she enjoys reading, a good cup of (Assam) tea, listening to a symphony or Bach Cantata, baking and watching obscure TV shows and playing board games with her husband.

​Alistair Bain

Alistair Bain is senior minister of St. John's Presbyterian Church, Hobart. He is married with three children. As an Arts/Law student at the University of Tasmania he came to faith in St. John's Presbyterian Church, Hobart, before then working as a lawyer for eight years. He went on to complete his M.Div at Sydney Missionary and Bible College, undertook further studies at the Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne, and in 2011 became senior minister at the church in which he was converted.

Akos Balogh

Akos Balogh is the Executive Director of the The Gospel Coalition Australia.You can reach him on twitter via @akosbaloghcom, or at his blog

Paul Barker

Paul Barker is an Assistant Bishop in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne. Until 2016 he was Regional Coordinator for Asia for Langham Preaching, a Visiting Lecturer at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology and taught in a variety of other Asian seminaries. He is the author of The Triumph of Grace in Deuteronomy, a book of expositions on Amos and other articles and short books. Formerly he was Senior Minister of Holy Trinity Anglican Church Doncaster, Melbourne.

Candice Bergamin

Candice serves as a staffworker with AFES at Deakin University, Melbourne. She studied at Moore College and, before that, worked as a dietitian in country Victoria and NSW.

Megan Best

Megan Best is a bioethicist who has promoted a christian view of medical ethics for over 20 years. She is married with two adult children and a son-in-law. She is a senior lecturer for the University of Sydney Medical Faculty and works as a palliative care physician in Sydney. She is the author of two books on ethics at the beginning of life: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and A Life Already Started, as well as many articles on ethics and spiritual care at the end of life.

Rhys Bezzant

Rhys Bezzant is Dean of Missional Leadership and a lecturer in Christian Thought at Ridley College, Melbourne. He is also the Director of the Jonathan Edwards Center for Australia, and has written Jonathan Edwards and the ChurchStanding on their Shoulders, and recently translated Martin Luther: A Late Medieval Life by Volker Leppin.

Simon Bibby

Simon Bibby attends Midland Providence Church in Midland Western Australia. He is married to Sally and has 4 children and 1 grandchild. He has worked as an industrial relations consultant for both Unions and Employer representatives during the course of his career. His deep interest is seeing Christians grow in their understanding and practice of what it means to work ‘as unto the Lord’ in every place that God has called them.

Tim Booker

Tim has been the Senior Minister at Guildford Anglican Church in NSW for almost nine years and prior to that was the Chaplain at 3RAR where he deployed to Iraq, East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan is well known around Australia through his long career in kids television and country music. He is especially valued by Christian parents for his albums and concerts which do a great job of getting Scripture and solid doctrine into young (and older!) heads. Colin and his wife Robyn have four adult children. His website can be found at

Trevor Cairney

Trevor Cairney is Master of New College and Professor of Education at UNSW. He came to faith as a 30 year old from a life of comfortable atheism. He taught as a teacher for ten years before embarking on an academic career. As a researcher he has written many things about language, learning, pedagogy, epistemology and more recently apologetics and public theology. He edited ‘Theology and the Future: Evangelical Assertions and Explorations’ with David Starling, writes the blog ‘Literacy, Families & Learning’ and is the Director of CASE. He has been married to Carmen for 43 years, and has two daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Simon Camilleri

Simon Camilleri is the coordinator of Elephant Room - a ministry that aims to provide gospel-focussed resources and support to help Christians find freedom from pornography and satisfaction in Christ.

Simon has been actively involved at Bundoora Presbyterian Church since 2001 and serves there with his wife Cat, and daughter. Simon loves excellent public bible reading, discussing the gospel, inventing board games and learning magic tricks. You can follow his blog at:

Murray Campbell

Murray Campbell is a child of God, husband, dad, pastor at Mentone Baptist Church in Melbourne, coffee drinker, Carlton supporter, music snob. You can follow Murray on twitter @MurrayJCampbell.

Murray is a member of the TGCA editorial panel and oversees the Evangelism and Apologetics channel.

Adam Ch'ng

Adam Ch’ng is a student minister at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Doncaster, Victoria, and a director of Connect Ministry. He is passionate about engaging God’s world with his word about his Son. To that end, Adam's articles have been published in The Australian and on the ABC. Prior to entering gospel ministry, Adam worked as a lawyer and adviser to a federal Cabinet minister. Adam has completed degrees in arts and laws from Monash University, and is currently studying a Master of Divinity at Ridley College, Melbourne.

Adam serves on the TGCA Editorial Team as the Social Media editor, a role he shares with Paul Young.

Neil Chambers

Neil Chambers is senior pastor of Bundoora Presbyterian Church, in the north of Melbourne. Neil and his wife have three adult children, one of whom is married. Neil grew up in a Christian family and was brought to trust the Lord Jesus for forgiveness at a Crusader camp at age 11. After working as a medical practitioner he studied at Moore College and the PTC Sydney [now Christ College] before commencing as assistant minister at St. Andrew's Wagga. Following 13 years lecturing at Sydney Missionary and Bible College he was called by the congregation of Bundoora Presbyterian Church to serve as their pastor. Having commenced ministry at BPC in 2002 he continues there to the present.

Sam Chan

Sam Chan is a national communicator for City Bible Forum and regularly trains Christians in how to do evangelism in today's world. He is the author of Preaching as the Word of God: Answering An Old Question With Speech Act Theory and blogs at His latest book on evangelism is being published by Zondervan in 2018.

Emily Cobb

Emily lives with her husband David and three young children on the North Coast of NSW. She loves to write and reflect on who God is at her blog and aims to encourage other women to think theologically through her role as Director of Women's Initiatives at In her spare time, she loves to explore her local area with her family and a picnic, pick up a creative project, or enjoy a nice cup of tea while reading a book. 

Courtney Deanne

Courtney Deanne is a born-and-bred Melbourne girl who moved across cultures—first to Sydney, then to South Asia—for the sake of the gospel.  After the Lord Jesus, her dearest loves are her husband and four children, books and baking, musing and music, broad horizons and vast skies. 


Lauren Entwistle

Lauren Entwistle works as a nurse at an inner city hospital in Perth. In her spare time she drinks too much coffee, watches too much television, and edits the zine and blog Naming Animals with her husband David.

David Entwistle

David Entwistle teaches English to high school students and serves as an assistant minister at an Anglican church in the eastern suburbs of Perth. If he's not at the church or the school, he's probably making coffee with friends and his wife Lauren.

Andrew Errington

Andrew Errington is an Anglican minister from Sydney, currently doing doctoral study in theology and ethics at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He is the author of Can We Trust What the Gospels Say About Jesus?, as well as a number of articles on Christian ethics. You can follow him on Twitter @erringtona

Marty Foord

Marty Foord teaches systematic theology, church history, and ethics at Trinity Theological College in Perth. In a former life he worked IT before there was a world wide web. But he entered the Anglican ministry in 1996. Marty is married to Jenny, and loves spending time with her. Marty and Jenny love serving God’s people together in the local church. In his spare time Marty listens to Bach, enjoys good coffee, and can’t surf often enough.

Neil Foster

Neil Foster I am an evangelical Christian, an Associate Professor in law, a father and a grandfather. I have qualifications in both law and theology and teach “Law and Religion” as an elective to later year law students.He blogs on law and religion issues at https://lawandreligionaustrali... .

Neil’s comments for the Gospel Coalition Australia, as well as on his blog, represent of course his personal views and not those of his University.

Ray Galea

Ray Galea is pastor of the Multicultural Bible Ministry (MBM) Rooty Hill and married to Sandy with three children. He came to Christ in 1980 at age 20 and went from altar boy of the Catholic Church to pastor of the Anglican Church down the road in Rooty Hill. He worked as a marriage and family therapist before entering Moore Theological College and church planted and pastored MBM since leaving college.

Sandy Galea

Sandy is a Children’s Minister at the Multicultural Bible Ministry (MBM) Rooty Hill. She has sought to partner with others in Children's Ministry by making the resources and programs, developed for her own church, available on her web site Kidswise. She also trains Children’s Ministry volunteers and paid staff, throughout Australia and overseas. Sandy is married to Ray, and they have three children, a daughter-in-law and one granddaughter

Belinda Grant

Belinda Grant (along with her Pastor-husband Tim), is involved in Grace Christian Community, a church plant in the Box Hill area of Melbourne. Belinda has worked in both local church and University ministry and particularly loves to see Christian women equipped and excited about sharing their faith. She has little free time with three young kids, but enjoys fiction writing when she gets the chance.

Pete Greenwood

Pete Greenwood is the planter and pastor of Inner West Anglican Church in Kensington, Melbourne (part of the St Jude’s Church network). He loves his Saviour Jesus Christ, his wife Jackie, his church family, his dog Loki, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and really hoppy IPAs - in that order.

Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton is married to Nicole and they have three kids. He's an Assistant Minister at Glenmore Park Anglican Church and is responsible for a whole bunch of ministries that will probably have changed by the time you finish reading this sentence (and that's one of the things about the job he likes the most). When he's not working you'll find him reading comics, leadership books or theology. He's the author of Wisdom in Leadership from Matthias Media. You can follow him on Twitter @ministrymatrix

Paul Harrington

Paul Harrington was raised in Adelaide, studied law at the Adelaide University, and went on to do his theological degree at Moore Theological College, Sydney. He returned to Adelaide as associate minister at Holy Trinity before being appointed rector in 1993. His passion is to see people saved eternally by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul is married to Sue, and they have three children.

Stuart Heath

Stuart Heath lives with his wife and children in Sydney’s Inner West. He’s a student speech pathologist and helps create resources for everyday discipleship at He holds a BA and an MDiv.

Joshua S. Hill

Joshua S Hill lives in Melbourne, Australia, and spends his days happily surrounded by words. He covers the global environmental and energy mess for; reviews fantasy books for Fantasy Book Review (; and has been published by The Gospel Coalition, Relevant Magazine, and numerous other Christian outlets. You can follow him on Twitter, @JoshSHill, and read more of his Christian writing at

Joshua James

Joshua is a Sydney College of Divinity Post-Graduate MTh. He is an active member and itinerant speaker in Sydney, South Australia and overseas with the Christian Community Churches of Australia. He is pursuing his PhD by focusing on religious history within the Australian military, and is currently researching and writing a book for single young men.

Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen is the Rector of St Mark's Anglican Church, Darling Point, in Sydney. He previously taught theology and church history at Moore College for 10 years, and completed his doctorate at Oxford University, which was published as Martyrdom and Identity: The Self on Trial. He has published a number of other books, including Sydney Anglicanism: An Apology, and My God, My God - Is it possible to believe anymore? He is currently working on projects on the doctrine of humanity and on Reformation Anglicanism. He maintains his interest in literary fiction, Eastern European history and culture, and J.S. Bach. Michael is married to Catherine and they have four children.

Peter Jensen

Dr Peter Jensen is former principal of Moore College and former Archbishop of Sydney. He is currently serving as General Secretary of the GAFCON movement and also as co-editor of the Reformed Theological Review. His published works include At the Heart of the Universe (1991) and The Revelation of God (2002).

Shebu John

Shebu John is a pastor at Canterbury Gardens Community Church. He previously served with Campus Crusade for Christ’s university student ministry and Student Life (now Power to Change). Shebu completed his Bachelor of Theology at Ridley College and is currently undertaking his Masters In Ministry. He is married to Bek, dad to three kids, a coffee snob and loves the Hawthorn Football Club.

David Jones

David Jones was born in Wales and converted at the age of 17. He is senior pastor of Ann Street Presbyterian Church in Brisbane. David has served churches in Wales, London, and Hobart, Tasmania. He is married to Ruth, and they have three grown-up children. Before moving to Queensland, he was involved in a church planting movement in Tasmania, which has led to the establishment of several new churches.

Hefin Jones

Heft Jones is married with one preschooler. Until recently he was a Baptist pastor and hopes to be heading overseas soon to help educate future church leaders. 

Simon Kennedy

Simon Kennedy is a PhD candidate in the history of political thought at the University of Queensland. He is also a 2016–17 Davenant Fellow with the Davenant Trust and a contributor to The Calvinist International. He lives in Geelong with his wife and four young children, and worships at North Geelong Presbyterian Church.


Dan King

Dan King is married to Helen, and has three children: Nate (6), Micah (4), and Eva (1). Since 2006 he’s been sharing the Gospel with international students at Monash University with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES). He can vaguely remember the days when he had spare time, and seems to recall that he likes books, movies, board games, and the great indoors

Peter Ko

Peter is a church planter and pastor amongst the growing migrant communities in Sydney’s multiethnic south-west (South-West CCC). He is also the Chairman of RICE (Renewal and Inter-Church Evangelism), a high school and young adults ministry to reach and equip and refresh the thousands of Asian second and third generation in Sydney. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College and is a member of the Australian Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC). Peter is married to Karen and they have four primary school aged children

Wei Han Kuan

Wei-Han Kuan is the State Director of the Church Missionary Society in Victoria. His role consists of overseeing the work of the branch; raising up new missionaries and the prayer, care and finances to support them; interviewing missionary applicants and visiting missionaries on location.

​Rick Lewers

Rick Lewers is bishop of the Armidale Anglican Diocese. Before becoming bishop he was an evangelist with Evangelism Ministries in Sydney and just prior to that, the rector of St. Matthew's Wanniassa in Canberra. His passions are Jesus Christ and telling people about him; his wife, Janene, and their three children; and all things sporting, especially fishing, golf, and watching those sports he no longer has the body to play.

Mikey Lynch

Mikey Lynch is the Campus Director of the University Fellowship of Christians, UTAS, Hobart. Mikey is a leader of The Vision 100 Network (TAS) and Geneva Push (national) - both church planting networks. He is also the network coordinator of MTS Tasmania and a chaplain at Jane Franklin Hall. He is married to Nikki and has three children. He blogs at

Colin Marshall

Colin (or Col) is married to Jacquie and they enjoy God’s blessing of three adult children and four grandchildren. Together with Jacquie, he has spent the past 40 years training men and women in the ministry of the gospel, both in university and local church contexts. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College and the author of The Trellis and the Vine (with Tony Payne), Growth Groups, and Passing the Baton

He was the Director of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) for 15 years to 2006 and took up the role of International Director until 2009. 

Col founded the Vinegrowers ministry in 2010 to help pastors and church leaders implement the principles of The Trellis and the Vine and build churches where disciple-making affects everything.

Robert Martin

Robert Martin is Melbourne Director of City Bible Forum ( Robert has degrees in Commerce and Theology. He regularly wrestles with issues related to the Christian life at work and also asks the bigger questions with the broader public. He enjoys engaging atheists on his blog Atheist Forum ( Robert is married to Di and they have three young children.

Kara Martin

KARA MARTIN is Project Leader with Seed, and lectures with Mary Andrews College and is author of Workship: how to use your working to worship God (to be published March, 2017).

Josh Maule

Joshua Maule is a student at Moore College in Sydney. He has previously completed a Ministry Training Strategy apprenticeship and worked as a journalist.

Josh assists with editing for the ministry, training, and leadership channel. 

Steve McAlpine

Steve is approaching an age which would be a more than useful Test batting average. He is a pastor of Providence Church in WA, is married to Jill and together they have two children, Sophie and Declan. Steve grew up in Northern Ireland, but apart from rolling his “r’s”, and talking too fast, is a West Aussie through and through. He has degrees in journalism and theology and enjoys combining the two through writing and blogging, especially on matters of church planting and cultural negotiation for Christians in the increasingly complex West.

Dave McDonald

Dave McDonald is National Director for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches in Australia. He and his wife Fiona have four children, two daughters-in-law, and two grandchildren. He has lived in Canberra for the last 26 years, where he has served as the pastor of a church called Crossroads, and more recently Stromlo Christian Church. Dave blogs at, and is the author of Hope Beyond Cure.

Sam McGeown

Sam currently serves churches and individuals in their support and practice of mission through the Church Missionary Society.

Sam spent the first 18 years of his life in Belfast Northern Ireland. He came to faith as a child at his local Presbyterian church. When he was 18 he came to Australia for the first time on a working holiday. It was during that time that Sam grew in his faith and in his understanding of who God is and what it means to follow him. Returning to Northern Ireland, he spent a year in Bible College before heading off to Japan to teach English for a year. That year became 12. During that time Sam taught English, planted a church, lead a Japanese black Gospel Choir and worked and lived with homeless people. It was there that Sam met and married Yoriko.

After Japan they moved to Melbourne where Sam studied at Bible College and worked as the pastor of The Melbourne Japanese Church at Canterbury Presbyterian and with CMS. After working for 2 years with a mission agency in the UK they moved back to Brisbane in 2009 to work with CMS QNNSW. His current position involves supporting and working with mission enquirers, coordinating short term mission trips and working closely with churches to support them in mission. He also lectures part time at QTC and is passionate about supporting churches in multi ethnic ministry.

Sam and Yoriko have 4 kids whose names mean Grace in 4 different languages.

​Gary Millar

Gary Millar is principal of Queensland Theological College. After studying chemistry in his home city of Belfast, Gary moved to Aberdeen in Scotland to study theology, before completing a DPhil at Oxford on Deuteronomy (published as Now Choose Life in the series New Studies in Biblical Theology). Gary worked as a pastor for the next 17 years in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and was involved in both church revitalization and church planting, before moving to Brisbane to lead the team at QTC. Gary is married to Fiona and has three daughters: Lucy, Sophie, and Rebekah.

Laurel Moffatt

Laurel Moffatt is wife to Justin, and mother to four children whom God has entrusted to their care. She lives in Sydney in the shadow of a very big bridge and attends St. Philip’s, Church Hill. She often writes in the margins of days. And she is working on a book that she hopes to finish. One day.

Andrew Moody

Andrew Moody is a lay theologian and adjunct lecturer at several colleges in Melbourne. His area of particular interest is the relationships between the persons of the Trinity and what this has to do with salvation history. He is author of In Light of the Son (Matthias Media), The Will of Him Who Sent Me (Paternoster). Andrew and his wife Jenny have two children. Andrew serves as Editorial Director of the TGCA Editorial Panel and manages the Bible and Theology Channel. 

Peter Orr

Dr Peter Orr lectures in New Testament at Moore College. Originally from Northern Ireland, Peter also taught at Melbourne School of Theology and has been on the ministry team of a parish in Sydney. Peter is married to Emma and they have four young boys, Benjamin, Oliver, Jonathan and Daniel.

David Ould

David Ould is the minister at Glenquarie Anglican Church in Sydney. He's married to Jacqui and they have 3 kids. David was born and bred in the UK, converted in the States, married to a girl from Singapore and currently lives in Australia. He takes a keen interest in theology in general and the Anglican church more specifically and writes about all these things and more at and at the American Anglican website Stand Firm.

Tim Patrick

Tim Patrick is Principal of the Bible College of South Australia where he lectures in theology and practical ministry. Tim trained and worked as a scientist before studying theology and then serving in local churches as an ordained Anglican minister, and in university campus and workplace ministries. He researched eschatology in the English Reformation for his doctorate and has a particular passion to see the church engage the world with real grace and honesty. Tim is married to Cat and they have two children.

Dan Patterson

Dan Patterson hails from Perth, Western Australia. In early 2010 he moved to Bulgaria with his wife, Katie, where they have been involved in church planting. Dan also teaches Biblical Studies at St Trivelius Institute in Sofia. Recently, Dan, Katie and their two daughters moved to Scotland where Dan has undertaken doctoral studies in theological ethics at the University of Aberdeen. His topic focuses on identity, gender and queer theory. Dan’s website is dedicated to developing rich theological conversation about gender and identity. He and his family intend to return to Bulgaria when his studies are completed.

Ben Pfahlert

Ben at his heart would love people to know and follow Jesus. Married to Emma with four children, he relocated with his family from Melbourne to take the role of MTS Director - such is his passion for the MTS vision to raise up future gospel workers. One of seven children, Ben became a Christian aged 19 whilst studying engineering and has desired that his fellow Australians meet King Jesus ever since. When Ben’s not racing for the train and praying for his street, his neighbourhood and the nation - he enjoys time with his family, SAS novels and physical training…

Guest Post

Andrew Prideaux

Andrew Prideaux is a senior staff worker at the University of Melbourne with the Christian Union (AFES). He is currently writing a commentary on Job for the Reading the Bible Today Series.  Andrew is married to Vannessa and they have four school age children. When not teaching, reading the Bible with students or writing, he enjoys listening to records and taking part in various musical projects.

​Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid is the Principal of the Evangelical Theological College of Asia (ETCAsia) in Singapore. He and his wife, Heather, are parents to two married sons. Andrew was converted to Christ at 18, studied at Moore Theological College, and with his wife, Heather, has enjoyed lifelong involvement in student ministry through the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES). He has pastored churches in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne and loves writing books that attempt to make the Old Testament accessible for Christians who don't really know how it fits with their faith in Christ.

Andrew serves as a member of the TGCA Editorial Panel as Editor for the Ministry, Training and Leadership channel. 

Andrew and Heather Reid

Andrew and Heather Reid have been married for thirty-six years and have been preparing couples for marriage for almost as long. Heather is a senior women's staffworker at RMIT in Melbourne for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Andrew is the lead pastor at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Doncaster as well as being a TGCA council member.

Simone Richardson

Simone Richardson lives in Cairns with her husband, Andrew, three sons and two dogs. She works as a music teacher and in her spare time learns the viola and immerses herself in whichever writing project is her current obsession. In recent years she has penned the lyrics of congregational songs like Never Alone and Grace Awaiting Me. She is currently working on a set of short stories and a collection of prayers.

Shane Rogerson

Shane Rogerson wants to be a man who experiences, shows and proclaims the reality of God and his grace in Jesus. He lives with his wife and 4 kids in inner city Prahran where they try and help the local Church to be a gospel centred growing community. He is a founding director of City to City Australia and helps to train and support missional leaders.He hates writing bios and shaving, struggles in most things but especially exercise, enjoys engaging with sceptics , and loves seeing olds things made new.

Brian Rosner

Brian Rosner is principal of Ridley College. Brian is passionate about theological education that is both rigorously academic and profoundly practical. He is also enthusiastic about promoting the gospel in the public sphere and is a fellow of The Centre for Public Christianity. He has a PhD from Cambridge University and previously taught at Aberdeen University and Moore College. He is the author and editor of over a dozen books, including Paul and the Law, the Pillar commentary on 1 Corinthians, Beyond Greed and the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology. Brian is married to Natalie and has four children.

​Bill Salier

Bill Salier is currently the Principal of Youthworks College , a college that specialises in ministry training for those involved with ministry to children and youth. Bill is married with three girls and lives in the inner city of Sydney. He became a Christian in his late teens, started working life as a primary school teacher before completing a BTh at Moore College and working as an assistant minister in an Anglican church in Sydney’s southwest. He was invited onto the faculty at Moore and taught there for 18 years before taking up his present position.

Jenny Salt

Jenny Salt is Dean of Students at Sydney Missionary and Bible College and has been serving there for the past 18 years. Her role involves both teaching and pastoral care of students at the college and sees this ministry as a privilege and a blessing. Jenny’s ministry also extends to women’s conferences throughout Australia and overseas. Her passion is expository Bible teaching, as well as equipping other women to do the same. She also loves spending time with her family, seeing a good movie and early morning walks around Sydney and beyond.

​Rory Shiner

Rory Shiner studied Arts at the University of Western Australia and theology at Moore College in Sydney. He is currently completing a PhD through Macquarie University on the life and work of Donald Robinson. He is senior pastor of Providence City Church in Perth, where he lives with his wife, Susan, and their four boys. He has written books on Union with Christ and on the relationship between Jesus' resurrection and our own.

Rory serves as a member of the TGCA Editorial Panel as Editor for the Arts and Culture Channel and for Book Reviews.

Murray Smith

Murray Smith teaches the Bible (Greek and New Testament) at Christ College, Sydney, the theological college of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW. He is also a director of Gospel Groundwork, an evangelical organisation that creates resources to help ground Christian communities in the gospel and equip them for the ordinary Christian life. Prior to teaching at Christ College, Murray served as Pastor for Teaching and Training at Kirkplace Presbyterian Church, as a high school teacher (History and Christian Studies), and as a staffworker at the Sydney University Evangelical Union. Murray is married to Lynette and together with their five young children they worship as part of Wahroonga Presbyterian Church.

Des Smith

Des is Lead Pastor at the Christian Reformed Church of Kingston (‘CRCK’) in Tasmania, is married to Suzie, and is father to two small boys, Dan and Sam. He was a founding member of the Vision 100 Network and is Chairman of the Christian Reformed Churches of Southern Tasmania, both church planting networks in Tasmania. He is also the author of God Will Have His King, the Matthias Media Interactive Bible Study on 1 Samuel. Before he trained at Moore College, Des was a litigation lawyer, but has now forgotten nearly all of his legalese.

Suzie Smith

Suzie is married to Des and they have three small children. Together they serve at the Christian Reformed Church of Kingston, Tasmania, where Des is the Senior Pastor and Suzie loves teaching the Bible to women. She has also been involved in teaching, training and discipling university students through her work with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

​David Starling

David Starling lectures in New Testament and theology at Morling College, Sydney. He and his wife, Nicole, have four children, and belong to Macquarie Baptist Church. David grew up in a Christian family and worked as a high school English teacher in Western Sydney before studying theology at Moore College and Morling College. He served from 2000 to 2006 as the pastor of Petersham Baptist Church, and has been a lecturer at Morling College since 2005. He is the author of Not my People: Gentiles as Exiles in Pauline Hermeneutics (De Gruyter, 2011), UnCorinthian Leadership (Cascade, 2014), and Hermeneutics as Apprenticeship (Baker, forthcoming), and co-editor of Theology and the Future (T&T Clark, 2014).

David serves as a member of the TGCA Editorial Panel as Editor for the Faith, Life and Work Channel.

Amy Stopher

Amy grew up in the northern suburbs of Perth, the third of four loud, expressive girls, and first learned the gospel from her parents. She is a pastor at Providence Church in WA, having the particular privilege of pointing women to Jesus, spurring them on in faith and godliness. She taught high school students Politics and English before studying Theology, which explains her love of the Saturday papers.

Amy Stopher

Amy grew up in the sun-washed northern suburbs of Perth, and first learned the gospel from her parents. She is an associate pastor at Providence City Church in the inner suburbs of Perth, pastoring women, and equipping and encouraging the congregation to serve the Lord and his people. Amy taught high school students Politics and English before studying Theology, and still loves the Saturday papers. 

CS Tang

CS Tang is senior pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian, Sydney. He is married to Lyn and father of Bethany and Brendan. He converted from Buddhism at a young age. Since completing ministry training at Moore College and the Presbyterian Theological College (now Christ College, Sydney), CS has been in church planting ministry. He is a director of City to City Australia.

The Lydia Project

Michelle Haines Thomas

Michelle Haines Thomas lives in misty Robertson (the green heart of the Highlands, and home of the world famous Big Potato). She has never given up on writing the great Australian novel, and works for Fairfax Regional papers in her spare time.

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas serves as the Teaching Pastor of Raymond Terrace Community Church in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. Chris's desire is to see the church captivated by the glory of God and equipped for all that God has planned to accomplish through her. Chris met his wife while on short term mission, and is now the proud father to three boys and two girls. Having been raised in far North Queensland, it is not uncommon to see Chris sitting bare-foot around a camp fire with a hot cup of coffee in his hand. You can follow him on Twitter at @cbthomas76, or read his blog at

Justine Toh

Justine Toh is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity. She worked as a researcher and presenter with both Reuters Australia and Fairfax Digital Media before completing her doctorate in Cultural Studies at Sydney's Macquarie University. Justine is a popular public speaker and writer with a special interest in Christianity and everyday life.

Craig Tucker

Craig Tucker lives in Redfern near the CBD of Sydney. He is the Director of Coaching at the Geneva Church Planting Network. He has served in two church plants in Sydney, Blacktown for 11 years and Drummoyne for 15 years. With his wife Cathy they have two adult children, Sophie and Luke.

Guan Un

Guan is a freelance writer and book reviewer with Eternity. He likes writing about books, books about writing, and everything about coffee. You can find him on Twitter @thisisguan.

Chris Watkin

Chris Watkin grew up in Yorkshire and now lives in Melbourne with his wife and baby boy. He lectures in French and Literary Studies at Monash University where his research focuses on God and humanity in contemporary French philosophy. His latest books are Difficult AtheismFrom Plato to Postmodernism: The Story of Western Culture through Philosophy, Literature and Art, and French Philosophy Today: New Figures of the Human in Badiou, Meillassoux, Malabou, Serres and Latour. He has also recently finished a book that offers a Reformed assessment and critique of the influential philosopher Jacques Derrida. He edits the Crosscurrents monograph series in European philosophy for Edinburgh University Press, and blogs at You can find him on Twitter @DrChrisWatkin.

Stu White

Stu White serves alongside university students through his work with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES). His main areas of focus are Bible teaching and working with students to think through, and implement, evangelistic strategies for the Christian Union at Monash. He also works for the Centre for Biblical Preaching, developing their web-ministry and training preachers. He is married with three young children and his passions include days out with the family and putting the kids to bed.

Jean Williams

Jean Williams is the part-time woman’s worker at her local church, supports her husband in university ministry, and looks after four kids and a rambling house in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Her job suits her perfectly because it involves two of her favourite activities: chatting about life and Jesus, and teaching the Bible to women. Her great joys include walking, staring at trees, musing about life, writing in her journal, reading books, and sipping a spiced chai (she can do up to three of these simultaneously). Not so long ago, she fulfilled a 15-year dream when she helped to start Entrust Women conference. An impossibly long time before that, she did a PhD on the Puritan experience of enjoyment of God. You can read more of what she writes at and her own blog, "in all honesty".

Phillip Zamagias

Phil Zamagias is a husband, father and former missionary pilot in Arnhem Land with a passion for people to come to know Christ. He is the Rector of Fred's Pass Anglican Parish in the Northern Territory which covers 29,000 sq kms extending from just outside of Darwin, including Litchfield National Park, parts of Kakadu National Park and borders with Arnhem Land.