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A Prayer for Monday

by Shebu John

A Prayer for Monday image

Another Monday has come and my heart, mind and will is filled with joy, excitement, anxiety and worry. I am exhausted. I come to stop and pause and reflect on the truth of who you are.

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The Lydia Project: Episode 13—Margaret

by The Lydia Project

The Lydia Project: Episode 13—Margaret image

Host Tori Walker took her recording equipment on a recent holiday to Lord Howe Island. There she met an artist called Margaret who is a member of the tiny little Anglican church. They chatted on the balcony of her yurt about her mum, her faith and sharing Christ with her local community.

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Welcome to Church

by Melissa Brown

Welcome to Church image

Welcoming is not complex. Yet it is rarely done well. A warm, genuine, natural, accepting welcome will help grow a gospel-centred church.

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The Lydia Project: Episode 12—Julie Sparkman

by The Lydia Project

The Lydia Project: Episode 12—Julie Sparkman image

Host Tori Walker talks with visiting Christian Counsellor Julie Sparkman about what led her into Christian Counselling, a bit about her new book, and a lot about living out the freedom and acceptance that comes with bringing the gospel to bear in all the little moments of potential ungodliness that we face.

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The Creeping Trend of Church Absenteeism

by Murray Lean

The Creeping Trend of Church Absenteeism image

In some mysterious way Christ is present among His people when they gather together. Anything that fosters this closeness will enrich the whole church family, deepen its fellowship, and allow us to put into practice what it truly means to love one another

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Handing Over

by Phillip Zamagias

Handing Over image

Well-meaning Christians also have difficulty ‘handing over’ when they undertake mission trips to Aboriginal churches. It is easier to ‘do’ than to train. How good it would be if more people would join the Aboriginal church as true ‘partners’ in ministry. What is needed is partners secure enough to be willing to hand over in order to leave a lasting legacy.

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