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Handing Over

by Phillip Zamagias

Handing Over image

Well-meaning Christians also have difficulty ‘handing over’ when they undertake mission trips to Aboriginal churches. It is easier to ‘do’ than to train. How good it would be if more people would join the Aboriginal church as true ‘partners’ in ministry. What is needed is partners secure enough to be willing to hand over in order to leave a lasting legacy.

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Preaching and Personality

by ​Gary Millar

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When I listen to really good preachers, I have a very strong sense of their personality. Even though Christ is front and centre, even through the talk is saturated with and driven by the text, when I listen to these guys, I feel like I get to know them—their personality shines through. Of course their content is fantastic, but the content is delivered in ways that is uniquely ‘them’.

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Three Women and Three Tips on Loving Your Pastor

by Suzie Smith

Three Women and Three Tips on Loving Your Pastor image

We're six years into our first church where my husband serves as the Senior Pastor. We were perhaps a little naïve to the problems and stresses that church-based ministry can entail. These can hit a pastor hard and, if he is married, they can also hit his wife and any children they have. Thankfully, God planted three special women in our local church. Let me introduce you to Hannah, Katrina, and Rebecca.

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