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From Beneath The Veneer

by Chris Thomas

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Pastors are not special people who have risen through the Christian ranks to be finally noticed by God and rewarded. They are sinners, saved by grace, through faith—just like the rest of God's redeemed. people.

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Pausing and Praying

by Wei Han Kuan

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The call came from a friend. As a senior pastor of a church in a very demanding context, he needed help. Crises abound, resources are scarce, and he was searching for some advice on how to manage the pace of life and ministry. I took time to pause and pray...

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Shyness, Introversion and Ministry

by Wendy Lin

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Doing ministry amid shyness and introversion comes at a cost. We manage our personalities both in public and private so that we continue to serve God to the best of our abilities, and God-willing, will continue to do so for years to come in ways that honour him, and are helpful for others.

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