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Why You Should Forgive Less

by Simone Richardson

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The problem with Tanya is the dreadful habit she has of forgiving people. In any given week, Tanya can forgive several friends for their thoughtlessness, tardiness or hurtful comments, a dozen motorists for their incompetence on the road, a shop assistant for squashing her bread, her son’s teacher for his lack of empathy and her sister for forgetting a family birthday. But it is her husband, James, who is forced to bear the brunt of Tanya’s forgiveness....

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My Plan is Better than God’s Plan? (2)

by Ray Galea

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Wisdom for us means giving up trying to counsel God and setting our minds on what is revealed in Scripture. Only then will we see further why God’s plan is better by far. Only then will we begin to see the hints that God has given us about his two-earth strategy.

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