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My Plan is Better than God’s Plan? (2)

by Ray Galea

My Plan is Better than God’s Plan? (2) image

Wisdom for us means giving up trying to counsel God and setting our minds on what is revealed in Scripture. Only then will we see further why God’s plan is better by far. Only then will we begin to see the hints that God has given us about his two-earth strategy.

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Jesus, a Broken Car Window and a Girl from Oman

by Steve McAlpine

Jesus, a Broken Car Window and a Girl from Oman image

We talked about doing community life around meals and how that made things feel different, and how Jesus did life like that. She seemed wistful, sad, as if life had shrunk from the jet-set life of the Middle East and Europe to this small factory unit in a working class suburb of a city on the edge of a lonely continent.

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Daily prayers: Evening Prayers

by Peter Adam

Daily prayers: Evening Prayers image

These are the prayers I pray for myself each day in the morning. I write them down, not because I don’t value extemporary prayer, but because I find these prepared prayers personally useful.

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Daily Prayers: Saturday

by Peter Adam

Daily Prayers: Saturday image

I praise you gracious Father, for your creation and preservation of the world, for your mercy to us in the atoning death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, for your truth revealed by your Holy Spirit in the Bible, for your church, for your gospel plan for the nations, for the hope of Christ’s return, and for the glory of your coming kingdom.

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