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The Glass Ceiling Women Are Not Allowed to Break

by Murray Campbell

The Glass Ceiling Women Are Not Allowed to Break image

Recent conversations about abortion in Australia and in the United States have made it clear that it is not enough for a woman to be a woman... I wonder, instead of women and men jumping to break more ceilings, what if we learned from Jesus, and stopped climbing on our step-ladders and shattering glass all over those underneath us?

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There was evil in Melbourne today

by Murray Campbell

There was evil in Melbourne today image

My city, our city, has been subjected to a pointless and evil act of terror. Like so many Melbournians I am trying to make sense of the incomprehensible, that a man would aim his car at innocent pedestrians in the centre of our city, along Elizabeth and Bourke Streets.

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The Archbishops' Statement on the Reformation

by Mark Thompson

The Archbishops' Statement on the Reformation image

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have released a joint statement on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The statement recognises that 'many Christians will want to give thanks for the great blessings they have received to which the Reformation directly contributed'.

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by Megan Best


Bills to change the law to allow euthanasia and physician assisted suicide continue to be presented to parliaments throughout the western world, on a wave of overwhelming public support for “the right to choose and have a dignified death”. I don’t expect the debate to go away, but I still hope for a more honest one.

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A Time to Plan, A Time to Give?

by ​Gary Millar

A Time to Plan, A Time to Give? image

A generous donor has promised to match every dollar we raise between now, September 15, and December 15, up to a threshold of $65,000. We would love you to partner with us, as we work to see the gospel flourish in Australia as never before.

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Time to Talk About Abortion

by Claire Smith

Time to Talk About Abortion image

We need to ensure that our friendships, conversations, and Christian communities are places where women can speak of their abortions: places where they can share grief and shame, and know the sure hope of the gospel, and the comforting embrace of Christian fellowship. If you've had an abortion, and you trust in Christ as Saviour and Lord, you have no further debt to pay—you have the Lord of Hosts behind you, and he loves you forevermore”.

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Post-Truth is Not So New

by Murray Campbell

Post-Truth is Not So New image

Jesus Christ spoke of post-truth. In the parable Lazarus and the Rich Man, Jesus makes the point, that should a man rise from dead, people will not believe the evidence if they are not also prepared to believe God at his word. Post-truth is not a 2016 problem, it is a human problem. Our word of the year communicates something about the proclivity of the human heart. Searching for truth requires a posture of humility.

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