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Crucify Them!

by Murray Campbell

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two Melbourne Churches have been threatened with violence on the weekend. 'Crucify no voters'. 'Bash the bigots'. There will be many ‘yes’ voters who are appalled by this latest vandalism on Australian Church buildings. But are we surprised? Of course not. When national political leaders and social commentators insist that voting ‘no’ equates to the worst kind of hate and phobia, it is no wonder that we are seeing this kind of behaviour being played out.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

by Phil Campbell

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Let’s keep our hearts and minds on that bigger gospel agenda in all we say and do over these coming troubled months—because ultimately there’s only one who brings true liberty; one who truly sets us free from oppression; one who truly civilises our selfish inclinations by his Spirit.

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Meaningless Marriage on Q&A

by Murray Campbell

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​If you watched Q&A on Monday night, you may be left wondering why is Australia having a discussion about marriage at all? It’s not because reason shows us that marriage should remain between a man and a woman, and it’s not because of impassioned stories from gay couples, but because we were told by two Q&A panelists that we ought to get rid of marriage altogether.​

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Father’s Day is Telling

by Murray Campbell

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Father's Day reminds us that Dad’s play an integral role in their children’s lives. It may take a village to raise a child, but the village can’t replace mum and dad.

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Engaging The SSM Debate - Part 2 - When Christians Should Say 'Yes'.

by Akos Balogh

Engaging The SSM Debate - Part 2 - When Christians Should Say 'Yes'.  image

'Christians should be known as people who say ‘yes’: Yes to God’s good order. Yes to the rights of the most vulnerable (children). Yes to a Biblical view of gender. Yes to stable marriages across society, and yes to religious freedom for all. This means that we have to say ‘no’ – no to anything that weakens God’s good design of marriage.' - Akos Balogh

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