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We’re All Getting Tattoos

by Chris Thomas

We’re All Getting Tattoos image

Jesus is going to ink me—and this mark will never fade. I am forever His, and it will be the name of my Saviour, and the name of my home, that will be eternally scribed on the possession of my God.

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Honouring the Anzacs: Have We Gone Too Far?

by Robert Martin

Honouring the Anzacs: Have We Gone Too Far? image

We should honour the ANZACs, and remember their sacrifice. But by making them more than they were we dishonour their name. They didn’t claim to be perfect men, they weren’t saviours of the world—they were ordinary men and women who gave their lives for their country. Let’s pause and remember, but turn to the true God to find all he has for us in Jesus Christ.

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