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My Year in Books

by Steve McAlpine

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I 80 per cent finish a lot of books. I read a lot of books, but while I would never 80 per cent mow the lawn, 80 per cent do the dishes (I have 80 per cent finished a race to my eternal running shame), books get my worst side (80 per cent of it at least).

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My Year in Music

by Faf Driscoll

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As the haunting lyrics, “Tuesday night at the Bible Study, we lift our hands and pray over your body, but nothing ever happens…” from Casimir Pulaski Day whispered through the theatre, I realised how powerfully painful the Christian life can be, even as we hope for Christ’s return.

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A Hell of a Kiss

by Andrew Moody

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Love that is only for another human person is hellish. As long as it presents itself as the true goal of human existence, erotic passion cheats lovers of the real Love for which they were made. Carnal desires can only be right when we allow them to point us to the God who gives them. When we come to terms with their relationship to him, we idolise these created things less—but we can also love them better, understanding the true nature of their beauty.

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