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To The Bride And Groom – A Prayer

To The Bride And Groom

A prayer on the occasion of the wedding of Tim Green & Laura Buchanan, July 15th 2017

Almighty God
To the bride and groom
Loom large before them
In their deep love, be the greater, deeper love
May their joys ever ring with eternal joy
In their trials give them comfort and hope
Comfort not only in their own embrace, and ours 
But in the strong, unfailing embrace of your everlasting arms.
To the bride and groom
Give grace
Grace that walks and loves, serves and saves
Give them wisdom
To see truth, to shun falsehood, to listen to you, to sift, to learn, to declare.
To the bride and groom
Give a long, rich, happy life, a godward life that looks to a better home, lasting treasure and an eternal reward.
Give forgiveness that never relents,
Gospel-shaped kindness
Surrounding and abounding 
To the bride and groom.
Be their benchmark of compassion, of truth, of righteousness.
As you've given them a heritage, grant them grace to in turn build their own heritage of family, faith and fruit.
To the bride and groom
Be provider and protector
Show yourself to them and show yourself through them
Almighty God 
Bless them and keep them
Make your face to shine upon them
Be gracious to them
Lift up your countenance upon them 
And bring your peace 
To Laura and Tim
To the bride and groom
In our Saviour’s name

Colin Buchanan is well known around Australia through his long career in kids television and country music. He is especially valued by Christian parents for his albums and concerts which do a great job of getting Scripture and solid doctrine into young (and older!) heads. Colin and his wife Robyn have four adult children. His website can be found at

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