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Prayer of the wayward

Hold me, Father, for I cannot hold you.

Have not.

Will not.

While you have loved me, I have turned away,

blocking my ears to your word

and shutting my eyes to your goodness.

Forgive me.

Spare me the wrath that I know I am deserving.

Knit me to Christ, weld me to Him, so I can’t stray.

Remake my heart so that I will want only to honour

the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Image: Study for Prayer for Death in the Desert (Elihu Vedder)

Simone Richardson lives in Cairns with her husband, Andrew, three sons and two dogs. She works as a music teacher and in her spare time learns the viola and immerses herself in whichever writing project is her current obsession. In recent years she has penned the lyrics of congregational songs like Never Alone and Grace Awaiting Me. She is currently working on a set of short stories and a collection of prayers.

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