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The Story of Gender (4): The Eclipse of Gender

by Andrew Moody

The Story of Gender (4):  The Eclipse of Gender  image

Being male and female in the wake of Christ means both more and less. The meaning of gender has been revealed. Yet gender is also relativised and overshadowed: the differences between man and woman are less significant than their common life in Christ.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

by Phil Campbell

Somewhere Over the Rainbow image

Let’s keep our hearts and minds on that bigger gospel agenda in all we say and do over these coming troubled months—because ultimately there’s only one who brings true liberty; one who truly sets us free from oppression; one who truly civilises our selfish inclinations by his Spirit.

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Meaningless Marriage on Q&A

by Murray Campbell

Meaningless Marriage on Q&A image

​If you watched Q&A on Monday night, you may be left wondering why is Australia having a discussion about marriage at all? It’s not because reason shows us that marriage should remain between a man and a woman, and it’s not because of impassioned stories from gay couples, but because we were told by two Q&A panelists that we ought to get rid of marriage altogether.​

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