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A Prayer for Monday

by Shebu John

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Another Monday has come and my heart, mind and will is filled with joy, excitement, anxiety and worry. I am exhausted. I come to stop and pause and reflect on the truth of who you are.

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The Lydia Project: Episode 13—Margaret

by The Lydia Project

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Host Tori Walker took her recording equipment on a recent holiday to Lord Howe Island. There she met an artist called Margaret who is a member of the tiny little Anglican church. They chatted on the balcony of her yurt about her mum, her faith and sharing Christ with her local community.

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How God Saved Me

by Jono Smith

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It took me a while. There’s a lot to get through. But the last chapter changed everything. It stopped me in my tracks. It hit me like a terrible lightening bolt of divine beauty. It made me fear God. And love Him.

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