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Are There Many Ways to God?

by David Graieg

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I'm not angry that God has only provided one way to Him in the person of Jesus. Rather, I am grateful that, although I didn’t deserve it, God loving provided a way for me (and , indeed, for everyone who believes - c.f. John 14:6).

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Lines of Grace

by Anon

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I am continually grateful to God. This is an issue that can tear families apart and realistically I have to acknowledge that this is always a possibility for us.

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Let the Bible Disrupt Our Culture’s Comfortable Dichotomies

by Chris Watkin

Let the Bible Disrupt Our Culture’s Comfortable Dichotomies image

Every culture provides certain structures that help us understand the world. There is a certain comfort in these dichotomies because they can lend a complex question the illusion of simplicity. But Christians can all too easily accept these dichotomous choices when in truth neither option captures the nuance and complexity of the biblical witness.

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From Beneath The Veneer

by Chris Thomas

From Beneath The Veneer image

Pastors are not special people who have risen through the Christian ranks to be finally noticed by God and rewarded. They are sinners, saved by grace, through faith—just like the rest of God's redeemed. people.

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