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The Organic/Paleo/Detox Movements and What They Reveals About Us … A Philosophical Musing

By Shebu John

As culture becomes more complicated and artificial, our hearts to recover that simplicity and cleanliness—the simplicity of the place God created for us. read more

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The Way of Books: (4) Aidan Luke

The more I came to understand different perspectives, the more I appreciated the centrality of the gospel as the basis for our unity

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A Gospel For The Inglorious

A gospel for the inglorious. That's what I needed. I had confused a glorious gospel with a gospel that brings glory.

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Colin Buchanan writes: (6) Abraham Came To Lorega

Not every opportunity to share with kids—or adults—hits the sweet spot. But if our message is strong, sharp, thought-through and biblical; if our means is targeted, engaging, built to serve that message; and if our manner springs from who we are in Christ—Spirit-led, resonating gospel gravity, love, wonder, joy—well, we're sure to be giving it a red-hot crack.

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