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Nothing Will Change!

By Murray Campbell

It is unsurprising to hear a growing cacophony of voices dampening suggestions that changing marriage in Australia will lead to any negative consequences for society and religious freedom. To acknowledge such impact would probably weaken their position. But it is important for Australians to recognise that the argument of ‘no change’ is simply untrue. read more

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Which Way to God

Murray Campbell preaching from Matthew 7:13-14

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Old Sins Cast Long Shadows: (3) An Unhealed Wound

I believe that this theft of Australia, for which we have not yet repented, has severely damaged our whole nation, and especially in our attitude to refugees. Murder not only damages the person who is murdered, but also the murderer. That is true of all sins, including the sins of large scale theft and murder.

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Thinking About Magic: (1) Was Jesus a Magician?

In the end, the fact that Jesus is God is what makes the fundamental difference between him and the magicians. The power is actually his—and is loaned to his apostles. Ultimately, what Jesus’ power demonstrates is not his skill in wielding it, nor even his strength, although both of those also mark him out against ancient magicians. The key thing about Jesus’ power is that he brings in the resurrection age.

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