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Indefensible? Saul and the Amalekite Genocide

By Steve McAlpine

The Old Testament are eschatological judgement “intrusions”: judgement events that break into history at certain times as precursors to the final judgement of sin. This intrusion theology is fulfilled by the ultimate eschatological judgement intrusion—​the cross of Christ. There on the cross Jesus takes on the force of God’s judgement upon himself, despite his obedience to God and our disobedience. read more

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The Lydia Project: Episode 9—Chris Keith

Chris Keith: “I woke up, and everything had changed”

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‘Sola Scriptura’ – The Bible Alone

We often think of ‘sola scriptura’ in terms of authority in matters of faith and practice. The Reformers also knew that the Bible is the chief instrument of ministry, because it is God’s powerful and effective word. The Bible must be in our ears, in our hearts, in our hands, and on our lips.

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Tackling the Text

​As I reflect back on 2016, it strikes me that one of the most useful resources we've produced for our leaders has been a bit of a happy accident. Each week over lunch our whole staff team meets to ‘Tackle the Text’.

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