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The Way of Books: (6) Rachel Ciano

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Studying deepened my love and knowledge of God by deepening my love for, and knowledge of, his Word. read more

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  • Preach Like A Painter
  • When You Love the Show, But the Show Doesn’t Love You
  • Expectant Bible Reading

Preach Like A Painter

The world wanders through its given course, surrounded by glory, yet they are blind to the wonder of it all.

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When You Love the Show, But the Show Doesn’t Love You

But, of course, THT is more than simply a story. It is no secret that when Atwood wrote it in 1985, the book was a pamphlet for the culture wars—a protest against the religious right and its views on abortion, homosexuality and so on. And, given the rhetoric that surrounds this new adaptation, THT still serves that function. It appeals to the prejudices and fears of the intellectual left.

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Expectant Bible Reading

Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy: even the most impassioned Bible-reader knows there is a sort of fear about having to read through these books.

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